Star Wars

I always remember watching the initial Star Wars Trilogy when I was younger. Every one of my girlfriends watched it too. At the time I was maybe only 5 or 6 years so obviously I wished that I too could go a galaxy far, far and become involved in all of the excitement that was taking place in space!

Oh boy did i wish I had a light-saber! That would be so cool swinging it about and impressing my pals using the zwoosh zwoosh noise it made.

Even in school you’d hear Star Wars references. When the fat kid was annoying other kids you’d hear him being called “Jabba The Hutt” not “Fat Boy” but Jabba. Excellent!!!

Even now ซีรี่ย์จีน remains as big, or else greater than it is today. You can see the queues outside of the cinema if the latest film gets released. All the dads using kids, the dads probably more exited it must be said, standing in anticipation products these are about to witness. All wishing they’d a real light-saber and x-wing fighters traveling in because they go for a trip to their pals the Ewoks! The dreams are still as alive today while they were 30 years ago.

In my opinion the main films in the Star Wars Trilogy are the best of all of them and feel that we were holding made prior to computer aided special effects that you will get in only about every film today. The reason was because everyone seriously considered like Luke Skywalker and go to these weird and wonderful places and meet the equally amazing people.

I remember pretty much everything enjoy it was yesterday! Long live Star Wars. May the force be with you!!!!!!!